10 Effective SEO Steps ANYONE Can Do!

​10 Effective SEO Steps ANYONE Can Do!

Whether you are trying to change the world or simply make money for your business, there is no longer lasting, further impacting way to reach new people than with blogging.

Once you create an optimized blog post and publish it, it will work for you around the clock 24/7 for years!
Do it 100 times and you’re a real website making serious progress, do it 300 times you have tons of options open up to you that were not in your wildest dreams a couple of years before.

Do it 700 times?

You life and legacy will be more impactful and larger than you ever imagined possible.

If you're doing Local SEO, here's a video showing you how to determine how many blogs you need to publish.

Here’s 10-SEO steps to write and publish an optimized blog post, every time.

Step 1 Find a Keyword

UberSuggest is free, try it here - https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/
The paid keyword tool I use is called KWfinder, usually you can try it for free here

Step 2 Write a Title and Meta Description

Titles and metas need to be catchy and enticing to the Googler to want to click and read.
Use this free tool to check your “lengths” - https://totheweb.com/learning_center/tool-test-google-title-meta-description-lengths/

​Step 3 Create an Outline

Open an incognito window, Google your keyword, jot down the “people also ask” phrases and the “related searches to” that are relevant to your keyword

​Here’s an outline example,

​Step 4 Hit record and talk out your outline

​Making a video is BEST! Because you can then publish your video to YouTube.
YouTube and a blog, BOOM

​Step 5 Transcribe and Clean

​However you record your talking, upload your file to temi.com to have your words transcribed.
Let Temi do it’s thing, go on to step 6

​Step 6 Place your outline into an On-Page Optimizer

This will guarantee you use words Google wants for you blog post to rank!

Open the on-page Content Editor by clicking ​​​​here, and enter your keyword.

enter your keyword in the on page editor search box

Paste in your outline, then paste in the words from your transcription.

Edit your blogs content making all the SEO check marks on the right side of the editor green!

As you edit your content, reds will change to green and go for as much green as you can get, the more the better!

optimize your on page words

​Step 7 Copy and Paste into WordPress editor

Do not use page builders, do not use Wix, do not use Squarespace, etc.

Plain old WordPress is best for SEO, and it’s easy!

Copy and Paste your title and meta into the Yoast SEO​​​​ free plugin, copy and paste your on p​​​​​​​​age optimized Surfer content.

​Step 9 Publish your Blog Post!

Publish your blog post and do a dance!

hit publish in wordpress

​Step 10 Share on social media and Internal links

​Share on Facebook and Twitter, email it to your email list, spread the word about your new post.

Also go to relevant posts already published on your website, and spread the word to Google by adding internal links to your new article.

Rinse and repeat and change your life and business, one blog post at a time.

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