Retain Your Customers and Increase Profits with Review Management

Because it happens.

Despite all your efforts, an honest oversight from your new employee unfortunately falls on a customer already having a rough day.

Who LOVE posting things online...for everyone to see.

And you wake up with a 2-Star review on Yelp.  With blistering comments.

2 star review on yelp

And you’d like to think just one bad review isn’t a big deal.

But here are the facts:

According to the Hosting Tribunal, 89% of customers won’t take any action until they read reviews.(1)

And, 52% of people will only do business with companies with a 4-star rating.(2)

And, (get this!) a study by Bright Local found that 40% of customers only trust reviews written in the last two weeks!(3)

(As if you didn’t have enough pressure on you!)

So, while it’s been said that the ultimate measure of a salesperson is if they can “close the deal...”

That’s a myth.

Because these days, it’s not the business that seals the deal, it’s past customers.

In the form of reviews.

So, THEY MUST BE MANAGED like any other asset!

Reviews must be collected and evaluated.  Positive ones should be deployed to increase profits and negative reviews need to be addressed so that improvements can be made.

But how?

Improve your online reviews and ratings...QUICKLY and EFFORTLESSLY!

We make it easy to get real reviews that are above a 4-star rating on Google, Facebook, YP, and more with automated tools that save hours every week for our clients in 3-steps.

  1. Build Landing Pages that Collects Reviews
  2. Create a Funnel that Filters Negative Reviews from Going Public
  3. Launch a Campaign to get Consistent Feedback from Real Customers 

Here's How it Works:

We build branded landing pages and create custom email and/or text campaigns for your business. These assets serve as the foundation of your review management system.

The landing page systematically collects reviews.  This is critical!

funneling reviews to different platforms

Remember that 40% of customers only trust reviews less than two weeks old?  

This system encourages customers to post reviews without you having to take the time to ask for them.

The Landing Page Also Captures Negative Reviews

A negative review, however, can still be an asset.  They provide valuable information that you can use to improve an aspect of your business.  Kind of like a gas gauge…”Oh...fuel’s getting low, I should fill up before I’m stranded!”

If a customer’s landing page click result is below four stars, though, we don't send them to a public review platform.

star icons on reviews landing page

Instead, these negative experiences that would lower your average rating receive a form that allows them to "vent" privately instead of on a public review platform.

contact form to resolve customer issues

In addition, it provides an opportunity for you to address the concern.  Some of the most loyal customers come from situations where businesses went out of their way to satisfy a customer’s needs.

4-Star reviews get released to the public while lower feedback scores get filtered directly to you so that you can address them.

It happens automatically...that way it doesn’t slip down the priority list.  (Because I know how it is...we say “I'm really going to get on this now.”  But the thousands of other seemingly more pressing demands take priority.)

Ongoing Campaign Results:


  • Earn more positive reviews in the right places for your business consistently

While we:

  • Monitor your business on Facebook, Google, and 100+ other industry specific review platforms

All of this is automated for you. Other than an email a few times each month with our staff, you will get more and better online reviews without any effort on your part, even while you sleep.

Ready to Get More Reviews, Automatically?

Our unique review system will increase your profits and give you peace of mind knowing that we are protecting and marketing your business. Let our team do all of the work for you; we'll improve customer reviews fast!

 Book your free Reviews Analysis with a reviews growth expert now!!

Massive Benefits of Better and More Reviews

We’ve already established that reviews are a critical part of customer acquisition and sales.

But even more telling is the effect on the bottom line.

A study by Askilidis and Malthouse (4) found that a collection of high quality reviews increased sales by as much as 270%!

So take your monthly sales, almost triple it…

In addition to improved sales, you can also reach more customers because of the “SEO” benefits from online reviews. Google says it this way:(5)

“High-quality, positive reviews from your customers will improve your business’s visibility...encourage customers to leave feedback by creating a link they can click to write reviews.”


“Google review count and review score factor into local search ranking. More reviews and positive ratings can improve your business' local ranking.”

Most importantly, more reviews provide more information about your customers’ needs. 

When you can make customers happy, everybody wins!

Want to see how your business will improve?

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Grow Your Business and Revenue

Review management is an art form, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Whether you choose us for your review management goals or build the review system yourself, you need to get this done.

The best businesses in the world are those that take their feedback and use it to improve. 

The same is true of you, so if you haven't yet, learn the strengths and weaknesses of your business reviews with this scan, then reach out here if you have any questions!