Best Breweries in Springfield MO: Top Locally Crafted Beer 

 January 21, 2023

By  417 Local Editorial Team

Looking to explore some locally crafted brews in Springfield?

You’ve come to the right place.

Today you’ll discover the best breweries in Springfield and get a snapshot of what you can experience at each of these epic local spots. In addition to “in town,” you’ll also discover a few additional breweries in the Springfield area, Ozark, Battlefield, etc.

If you aren’t sure which to visit first, the order of when they got their start may be a fun way to start checking them all out!

Let’s dive in!

How many breweries are in Springfield?

There are currently nine breweries in the Springfield area but at the rate they are popping up, there’s soon to be a “brewers” dozen?!

Here are the breweries in Springfield MO, and when they each began.

  1. SBC (Springfield Brew Co.) is the original Springfield brewery and had its beginnings in 1997!
  2. In 2011, 14 years later, Mothers Brewing Co launched
  3. Then White River opened in 2012.
  4. On April 26, 2016, Show-Me Brewing opened its unique arrangement.
  5. In December of 2017, 4 by 4 Brewing Company got it’s start.
  6. Tie and Timber Beer Co began in April of 2018.
  7. On Dec 15th of 2018 Great Escapes Beer Works was born
  8. Hold Fast Brewing debuted Aug. 9 2019
  9. And on the 17th of January in 2022, Wire Road Brewing entered the scene!


Springfield Brewing Company is the original Springfield brewery and is one of the better-known breweries in Springfield. Springfield BrewCo was originally created as a showroom for the epic brewing tanks made in Springfield by the Paul Mueller Company.

A visit to this downtown Springfield establishment at 305 S Market Ave will yield all the locally craft beers ranging from light to dark you could possibly drink, as well as delicious restaurant options and a luxurious dining experience, complete with two floors indoors as well as two patios.

With a pool table and arcade games, the upstairs of Brew Co is a bit more bar style while the downstairs boasts a huge bar and plenty of booth dining options.

If you’re looking for a place to sip craft beers while also enjoying a truly Springfield-styled dining experience, this is going to be your place.


While most local breweries think about cans, bottles, and all that “business” typically as an afterthought, Mothers Brewing Company’s vision was to go big or go home when they began brewing in a 38,000 square ft building over ten years ago in the heart of Downtown Springfield.

And since then, Mothers has been taking over taps and grocery store coolers all over the Midwest.

Launching their first brew on April 1st in 2011 may be a cunning way to say, we ain’t fooling around and are ready to deal with the hurdles of large brewing from a little town in the fly-over states.

It appears the joke is on all who doubted the possibility.

They have consistent year-round brews, seasonals that reoccur, and a sufficient amount of exploratory limited-release editions.

The taproom at 215 S Grant Ave is large feeling but inviting however, the lawn is the place to take your brew and cultivate a love for yourself or create some memories with someone else.

In your Mother’s “backyard” you can experience unique local events like comedy tours and Moxie movies, and even participate in fun things like joining a wiffleball league!

Or, just bring a book and sip on some solid brews. It’s basically a park that has great beer (I think I recall there even being a swing set!)

Crack open a cold one at Mothers sometime soon and say thanks to Jeff Schrag and the crew for helping to pave the way for a hopping Springfield craft beer scene that didn’t seem possible just a few years ago.



White River Brewing Company, located at 505 W Commercial Street in Springfield, Mo, is the type of brewery that’ll remind you of a cross between a modern craft beer room and an old style pub. The decor is a blend of modern and rustic, but it has a very craft-beer-esque feel that’ll make you want to sit down and drink a flight, which is quite affordably priced.

They have a decent range of beers to choose from which are broken up into two categories: seasonal offerings, as well as year-round offerings.

You can also buy beer to-go, in a few different packaging options (growlers are one such option).

They also maintain a nice patio outside, where you can smoke and/or hang out with friends on the bustling Commercial street strip.

If you like local brews, and enjoy sitting down in a relaxing environment to drink them, White River Brewing Company has what you’re looking for.


Show Me Brewing Company is a unique blend of a brewery and at the same time, a resource to get into the world of brewing yourself!

It’s hard to pick a favorite of the Springfield breweries but the beer they create at 1925 E Bennett St is hard to beat.

It’s a proven fact that you learn best by teaching and that may be a significant part of why these beers taste so good.

Their location is split into a few “sections.”

There’s the bar or a handful of high-top tables you can sit at to partake in the epic brews they craft.

There’s also a few “shopping” rows of homebrew and winemaking supplies, equipment, and other essentials for the DIYer.

In addition to the shopping, you can make an entire batch of beer here!

All you need to do is schedule an appointment with a brewing specialist and you’ll be guided through the entire three-hour brewing process to create a custom brew!

You can check out additional details of crafting your own beer recipes, or drinking some of their creations and more at Show Me Brewing here.

Back Home Brewing Company (Ozark)

Back Home Brewing Company, located at 1502 S 3rd St in Ozark, MO, is exactly what owner Angela Lachner describes it as:

We’re more like a hometown pub that brews their own beer.

Walking into Back Home feels like walking into your friendly neighborhood watering hole, except that the decor is rustic and eclectic. You can get a range of locally brewed beer options on tap, ranging from light beers to stouts, and other ales. The other taps typically house IPAs and/or ciders from other breweries.

They also serve up straightforward pub food options. Other than the tenderloin (made in-house and is excellent) and maybe the catfish, most of the food is likely made by Sysco or some other food type distributor and then cooked to order.

Additionally, Back home has a pool table, darts, live music, karaoke, trivia, bike nights, a pretty large bar, patio, and two dining rooms so…

If you’re looking for a great hometown brewery/bar to kick back and relax in, Back Home is where it’s at in Ozark.


Back Home Brewing allows smoking indoors so if you are averse to that, this may not be the place for you.


4 by 4 brewing company

4 By 4 Brewing Company, located at 2811 E Galloway St, Springfield, MO, is a local brewery that sits virtually right across the street and up the hill from Sequiota Park in the heart of Galloway Village. They maintain a relaxing, rustic seating area, as well as a patio in the back so that you can enjoy the beautiful ozark weather while enjoying their delicious hand-crafted beers.

4 By 4 has a beer for everyone. Light, dark, stout, IPAs, you name it. They also sell growlers to-go, and started canning during the Covid lockdown—so you can take your favorite brews home with you to enjoy in your own space.

One interesting thing about 4 By 4 is that they jumped on the pandemic shutdown quickly, changing their business plan almost daily. They pioneered brewery curbside pickup here in the ozarks, and did a fantastic job of it.

In fact, they’re outgrowing their current facility and getting ready to open a second location in the coming year that looks epic—4 By 4 Brewing – Fremont Hills.

Needless to say, this is a brewery you need to check out.

Tie & Timber Beer Co.

Tie and Timber is a trendy brewery with an impressive beer list, great cocktails, and one of the best patios in Springfield.

Tie and Timber specialize in small batches of craft beers so their taproom is always stocked with something new for you to try. Plus, there is a diverse selection of styles from traditional and approachable to creative and adventurous.

So whether you like your beer light or dark, hoppy or malty, fruity or roasty – they’ll have unique brews for you to explore!

There’s also a beer “garden” which is home to live music almost every Friday and Saturday night.

And, being at the corner of Cherry and Pickwick at 1451 E Cherry St, if the epic brews make you crave some food you only have to walk a few steps to grab some grub so you can keep going.

You can check out Tie and Timber’s website for more info here.


Great Escape Beer Works

Great Escape Beer Works is a brewery located at 4022 S. Lone Pine Ave, Springfield, MO.

They serve up unique local craft beers of assorted types, offer an indoor dining area, and also maintain a beautiful outdoor balcony seating area, where you can sit outside and enjoy your beverages.

Or, bust out their cornole boards and have a tourney!

They offer some truly unique brews. You can get IPAs, lagers, a Peach Velour IPA, and all kinds of other options. One thing they don’t seem to have is a darker beer (a stout or porter). But they make up for this with some really interesting light beers and IPAs.

You can also order curbside pickup and get cans, growlers, and canned wine to-go.


If you’re a craft pilsner fan, “The Portal” at the Great Escape is a fascinating discovery!



Hold Fast Brewing Company, located at 235 N Kimbrough Ave, Springfield, MO, is a brewing company that operates a rather trendy downtown bar/seating area that stretches into a comfortable, exciting outdoor venue. Most of their seating is located outside, and they often have a food truck parked there so that you can get some delicious vittles along with your brews.

The atmosphere here is loud and boisterous. If you like excitement and fast-paced fun, this brewery is probably going to be more your speed.

They also carry a wide range of beers, including lights, wheats, lagers, APAs, IPAs, ales, stouts, and pilsners.

If you want to enjoy the downtown nightlife while also sipping a delicious locally brewed beer, this is your place.

Wire Road Brewing

Wire Road Brewing Company, which is tucked just slightly away from the view of the highway at 4453 S Timbercreek Avenue in Battlefield, Missouri, is a new brewery that boasts a serious blend of modern and rustic-southern-Missouri style.

Wire Road features quite a bit of indoor seating in a well-lit, well-styled taproom. But their outdoor bar, patio, and large lawn with a waterfall feature is hard to beat!

Wire Road Brewings Outdoor Seating

As far as brews go, they offer a range of IPAs, along with in-house options for ales, stouts, saisons, porters, pilsners, and more.

You can check out their beer menu here, which you should do—because they’re constantly updating things.

They also have an outdoor space for a food truck, and you can be sure to find some awesome food selections just about every day of the week.

Our opinion is that you can’t really beat the hospitality at Wire Road Brewing Company and they definitely bring something unique to the brewery scene here in the Ozarks—and we’re stoked about it!

Conclusion — Take the Challenge?

While it may be physically a challenge to hit up all of these breweries in one day however, it sure would be fun to try!

Hope to see you at one of these hopping local spots soon!

What new breweries are in Springfield?

Wire Road Brewing is the newest brewery to enter the Springfield area. They are located at West Bypass and Republic road just outside of Springfield city limits in Battlefield Missouri.

417 Local Editorial Team

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