Some of Our Favorite Springfield Area Fitness Classes and Wellness Pros Deals

February 9

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Looking to amp up your fitness routine or find a great gym? Look no further, because Springfield Mo is packed with excellent gyms and professionals who can help you reach your physical activity and health goals.

Here’s our guide on the top workout classes and unique health professionals the Springfield MO area has to offer!

Fitness Deals and Freebies

from Springfield Area Pros

Buy One Get One Free — Jiu Jitsu or Boxing Classes from 417 Jiu Jitsu

Want to learn how to protect yourself and those you care about while getting fit?!

And, want to do that with a friend or partner?!

For a limited time, 417 Jiu Jitsu is offering — buy one adult or kid class, get one free so you can have even more fun while getting healthy!

Hit them up on their contact form here to get this deal!

Free Holistic Wellness Guide from Divinely Whole Wellness

Want to know the next steps to take to improve your life and health for free?!

Divinely whole wellness has written a holistic health assessment and guide that will give you the exact foods to eat and more this week.

Get this impactful and free workbook by clicking here.

Get a Free Week of Crossfitting from CrossFit Republic

Ready to change your life with a fitness program that works?

Whether it’s losing that unwanted 30 pounds or taking on The CrossFit Games, CrossFit Republic’s program has been crafted to help you reach those goals!

You can explore this unique fitness world for a week for free at CrossFit Republic by clicking here.

Try Ninja Warrior for $5 bucks!

Tired of the same old health and fitness routine?

Unlock a ninja world of fun and energy with a ninja warrior deal from Springfield Warrior Sports. This indoor obstacle course is like having your own personal playground and training facility – for all ages.

Try a Ninja Class now for just $5 by visiting the Springfield Warrior Sports website here!

Free Weekly Health Tips from Powerline Health

Looking for ways to lead a healthier life?

Nurse Mary at Powerline Health  is a certified nurse with decades of experience in the healthcare field and she wants to help you make better, healthier decisions. 

Visit her website here to get weekly advice on nutrition, exercise, stress management and much more.

417 Aerial

417 Aerial is a circus arts studio in Nixa, specializing in aerial arts – think dance, but you are performing those elegant dance movements while suspended in the air!

Successful aerial performance requires comprehensive development of upper body and core strength. 417 Aerial’s five amazing trainers are skilled in balancing full-body strength and conditioning with the elegance and stability of artistic dance. Their classes maintain a fun and encouraging energy and are a great way to stay physically active in a daringly unique way.

Studio owner, Deidra Johnson, trained alongside the world-renowned choreographers of Le Reve as well as many of the performers and gymnasts of Cirque De Soliel. Even with her impressive resume, Deidra casts a humble vision.

417 Aerial offers classes for ages 4 and up and welcomes individuals of all skill levels and abilities. Many of their students walk through the doors with no prior aerial, dance or sports background. The team’s ethos centered on helping their students fly is what makes this studio so special and a spectacular option for integrating physical activity into your life.

417 Aerial

417 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

417 Brazailian Jiu Jitsu is an all-encompassing studio located on Commercial Street. The owner, Glenn Cozzens, understands that the origins of martial arts run much deeper than simply mastering combative techniques.

As any student of Jiu Jitsu knows, you become hyper aware of your mental state and build a level of fortitude, focus, self-control, confidence, determination, decision making, and forethought that is unlike most other arenas.

When you boil it down, Glenn and his team of instructors teach self-development and personal growth through the principles of tactical self-defense. Young adults benefit greatly from the foundation built at 417 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and they learn lessons that will successfully carry them through their entire lives.

They also offer Olympian-level instruction in Folkstyle Wrestling. The program is designed to construct champion students while they are in their high school years to ultimately enhance their futures at a collegiate level.
There is a side of Jiu Jitsu that is tremendously practical for the everyday life of adults too. 417 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu also offers Women’s self-defense, street choke classes, and boxing. Glenn, with 7-years of service in the US Army, is able to provide specialized training, tactics, and survival techniques for Law Enforcement and security personnel.

417 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches you how to be your own hero. If you know nothing about martial arts and self-defense, their instructors will teach you the basics and techniques. Additionally, as you build yourself up through Jiu Jitsu, not only will your life and health skyrocket, but the lessons applied will advance you in other areas of your life too!

CrossFit Republic

CrossFit Republic is a value-driven gym and their reputation throughout the Republic area is like no other, with good reason for it. Owners Macy and Jen Mitchell embody servant-leadership not just to their gym members, but throughout the Republic community as well.

The CrossFit conditioning concept integrates a variety of day-to-day movements with a higher level of intensity. It concentrates on mobility, such as squatting and pushing, and optimizes those movements for greater personal wellness.

The culture that CrossFit Republic fosters is one that encourages only constructive and positive behavior. The endless belief and loyalty that the members have for each other is evidenced by the community tenet which has developed to be complaint-free, drama-free, and judgment-free. The members are unified as one team committed to the one goal of bettering each other and positively impacting Republic through fitness.

Individuals and families of all ages and fitness levels are welcome at CrossFit Republic. The gym also has an option for 24/7 access so you can more easily fit your fitness around your lifestyle too.

And, they make it easy to get started!

You can get a free week of Crossfit Republic by clicking here.

Divinely Whole Wellness

Do you want to improve your physical and mental health, but don’t know where to start?

The mission of Divinely Whole Wellness is to lead women back to the wholeness within themselves through whole foods and holistic health.

Caroline at Divinely Whole Wellness understands that everyone is different and has unique needs which is why they offer a variety of services including coaching, healing, nutrition planning and support all tailored to fit your individual journey. With a holistic approach and teachings from Jesus Christ, Divinely Whole Wellness can help you achieve the results you desire in terms of physical health as well as spiritual wellness!

And, Caroline has made it easy to learn the next step to improve your wellness for free by downloading Divinely Whole Wellness’s eBook and assessment guide by clicking here.
Book an appointment today with Caroline or one of her members so they can guide you on your path towards wholeness!

A journey that is uniquely yours, and between you and God.

Powerline Health

Struggling to find the path you need for true health and wellbeing?

Look no further than Nurse Mary from Powerline Health! She's your friendly guide to everything you need to know in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With impactful iTOVi scans and other personalized assessments, Nurse Mary can assess what kind of supplements or choices will be best for you.

Not only that, but with her years of experience as a nurse, she offers personalized guidance on how to make conscious health choices so you can live out your vibrant life.

In addition to sourcing the best supplements in the world, Nurse Mary works with renown natural health formulaters and creates unique blends and combinations you can’t get anywhere else!

You'll have peace of mind knowing that Nurse Mary has done all the research so you won't have to fumble around blindly anymore trying to figure out which supplement is right for you.

Springfield Warrior Sports

Springfield Warrior Sports is designed as a place where anyone can truly have fun during a workout. In addition to weights and traditional exercise equipment, here you can run, jump, climb, swing, and dangle to your heart’s desire! Built like an obstacle course, this gym is designed as a place where fitness doesn’t feel like a chore.

Springfield Warrior Sports will grow you not just physically, but mentally as well. The obstacles can be difficult, so inherent to the training are the development of perseverance, goal setting, team building, and sheer determination.

You can try your first Warrior Sports class for one $5 by clicking here.

Volleyball Beach Ozark

Remember playing in the sandbox with your friends as a kid? That’s basically what Volleyball Beach Ozark is and they’re right here in your own backyard! They are home to the largest indoor Beach Facility in America and the second largest in the world! It’s impressive.

Volleyball is all about movement and it’s a great way to improve your muscle strength, tone, and cardiovascular health. Meanwhile, at Volleyball Beach Ozark you get to have year-round fun with teams of friends in a climate-controlled environment while running, jumping, diving, and playing. Here you won’t have to worry about a sunburn or skinned knees and elbows, plus the added dynamic of walking on white sand makes it a great booty-toner too!

If spiking the ball on your friends gets too tiring, you can catch your breath at the Volleyball Beach Bar & Grill. Here they grill up all your beach favorites. Wings, burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas will enhance the memories you’re making. The bar & grill is open for walk-ins too.

The Volleyball Beach Ozark founder’s vision is to build a family-like culture and community around the sport. They’ve done a fantastic job building that culture and if you haven’t been yet, this place is a must to check out.

Wellness Collective Studios

Are you looking for a holistic, total-body approach to wellbeing?

Wellness Collective Studios is the perfect place! Their experienced team of wellness professionals will help you make meaningful changes in your life. From yoga and group fitness classes to personal care therapies and personalized training, Wellness Collective in downtown Springfield has everything you need to reach your fullest potential. Plus, their supportive community of members makes it easier for everyone to stay motivated on their journey.

Wellness Collective knows that health isn’t just physical – it’s spiritual too! That’s why their services focus on body, mind, and spirit. Whether you want to relieve stress with massage or get into shape with some one-on-one personal training sessions, their plethora of options will have you feeling better mentally and physically.

Check out Wellness Collective Studios classes and wellness professionals on their website here,


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