From An Impound In Springfield To A Fun Fashion Truck | Bree’s Closet 

 June 20, 2020

By  417 Local Editorial Team

From A Police Impound In Springfield To A Fun Fashion Truck

How can a beat-up old truck turn into a super snazzy fashion shop on wheels???!!

With some good old fashion imagination and some hard work!

There’s a pretty cool history behind the fashion truck known as Bree’s Little Closet. Who would’ve thought it’d come with a back story like this...

An ugly little thing once housed at a police impound to being transforming into a money-making machine.

Its background will surprise you, but you’ll love the ending!

Love at First Sight

Some people may have thought it was a challenge too big to tackle, but not for Brianna and Tina Barnett who are both entrepreneurs and creative visionaries.

What would one day become a mobile boutique started out as anything but...

Brianna and her mother Tina bought the Truck through an auction after it had been sitting at a police impound lot for some time.

The history of the truck is interesting and comes with a shady past.

The man who previously owned the truck was a bit of a thief, but those days were long over.

When Brianna and Tina saw the truck for the first time, they saw something that only true entrepreneurs would.

The perfect place to start a business!

With the love of fashion and some inspiration, they were determined to see this dream become a reality.

From Ratty to Spectacular

When they bought the truck, they knew there would be a lot of work to do before it could be transformed into the fashion truck it is today.

From the interior to the exterior that work was extensive.

It needed much more than just a touch-up.

With a little help from friends and family, they rolled up their sleeves and began to turn that truck with a not so nice history into the handsome fashion truck it is today.

They put in some additions to support their beautiful collections and revamped the interior with lovely decor, ceiling tiles, wood flooring and even antique doors before finilizing it with a decorative logo on the side.

After all their efforts, their truck looked like the shop they had envisioned.

All that hard work and energy had paid off and was thoughtfully named Bree’s Little Closet.

The Fashion Truck Is More Than Just a Beauty

What’s really astounding about this fashion truck is not only the transformation it underwent but the innovative and creative vision behind it all.

A passion for fashion and a desire to make a business idea a reality was the driving force behind Bree’s Little Closet.

This is a great example of what you can accomplish with an idea, determination and a little help from some friends.

Click the link and check them out today! 

417 Local Editorial Team

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