The Chicago Cheesesteak Company – Is It Any Good? 

 July 13, 2021

By  Josh Sigafus

Philly Cheesesteak is an anti-guilty pleasure of mine.

And what I mean by anti-guilty pleasure, if I’m being honest, is that I experience no guilt and all pleasure when I eat it.

But what about Philly Cheesesteak that’s not located in Philly?

What about our very own Chicago Cheesesteak Company, located right here in Springfield, Missouri?

Well, I’ve eaten at this establishment many, many times. And today, I’ve finally decided to share my take on my latest experience.

Let’s dive in and talk cheesesteak.

An Introduction To The Chicago Cheesesteak Company In Springfield Missouri

For those of you who have never eaten here before, there are two locations in Springfield.

There is the Original joint, located downtown at 319 ½ E Walnut St.

And there is the Southern location, located at 303 E Battlefield Rd, in the Battlefield Plaza.

Personally, I’ve always gone to the southern location.

But this sign poking fun at the national chain of Jimmy John’s across the street at the downtown spot is super fun!

The Environment

Walking into The Chicago Cheesesteak Company has always been a refreshing experience for me.

It reminds me of an old-school pizza place, except they’re selling Cheesesteak and burgers instead of pizza.

When I was a kid, my Dad used to take me to all kinds of these old-school places, back in Illinois where we lived while I was growing up.

He would go out on the weekends and play music with a bunch of the old-timers; and when I was fortunate enough to tag along, he would buy me a hamburger pizza and a coke, and I would get to listen-in… dreaming about the day I would get to play some bass or drums on those same stages!

So the decor in Chicago Cheesesteak is very well done, in my opinion. You walk in and you get this vibe, like this is a down-to-earth spot, a spot where you can get some good food and just relax.

It’s not overdone, and you feel as comfortable in a business suit as you would in your workout clothes!

The 411 On Cheesesteak… In The 417

For those of you who aren’t quite as committed to food history as I am, a ‘Chicago Beef’ sandwich, traditionally, is a sandwich made with hot roast beef on a roll, while a Philly cheesesteak is made up of ‘thin slices of ribeye, cooked to delicate perfection on a griddle.’

Now… I find this interesting, because if I know anything about anything, I would venture to say that the style of cheesesteak being cooked up at The Chicago Cheesesteak Company is actually closer to a Philly style than a Chicago style.

But, with that being said, I am actually not totally sure what specific cuts they are using for their meat, and I’m definitely no expert, either!

To me, it looks and tastes a lot like ribeye!

But they also offer several different options. And I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried them all.

chicago cheesesteak springfield

On this particular trip, though, I had to sample the Springfield. This is a cheesesteak sandwich that literally has Springfield Cashew Chicken toppings added on top of the grilled meat.

The Springfield

chicago cheesesteak

I’ll be real with you… this isn’t the first time I’ve eaten this particular sandwich.

I’m usually a purist when it comes to my cheesesteak. But I’ll admit, The Springfield is a boss of a sandwich, and it brings some real bragging rights to the 417 that I think would even hold up in Philly!

The breaded chicken, cashews, and green onions go really well with the toasted bread and grilled meat. It’s savory, with a perfect blend of flavors.

The cashews really contrast the hearty flavor of the meat for me. And the bread is always perfectly toasted… a little crispy without feeling dry.

Talk about not being dry, that chicken is also cooked to perfection. It is downright delectable.

Now, the fries are a little different. I like to dip those in something… preferably ketchup, or some ranch, depending on my mood. I find them a little dry on their own, but I inhale the whole bag whenever I get ‘em, and I order them every time, so you know I like ‘em.

I wouldn’t be ordering no fries I didn’t like!

They give you a big old bag of fries too! You definitely get your money’s worth!

They’ve got some spices that really make them different. You won’t find fries quite like these anywhere else in Springfield.

In Conclusion

I make my way to Chicago Cheesesteak Company at least once every two weeks or so.

Sometimes I dine in, usually I take it to-go… but every time, I’ve had an awesome experience.

And I’m pretty sure that I’ll never stop eating their Cheesesteak.

I’m no Cheesesteak expert, but as far as the 417 goes, I think they’re the best I’ve had.

Got any other suggestions? Leave them in the comments! I’ll try it out and write a comparison!

Josh Sigafus

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