Phelps Grove Park 

 May 16, 2018

By  417 Local Editorial Team

Phelps Grove Park

Once farmed by John and Mary Phelps, the Phelps Grove Park was established in 1914 and has been making history ever since. It was one of the very first parks established in Springfield by the park board.

Phelps Grove Park holds many events throughout the seasons including memorials, various performances and activities, as well as serving as a location for personal celebrations. In this top Springfield park you will find room for both recreation and leisure. It is one of the only local parks where you can find hammocks attached to the trees during the warm seasons. Visitors can come to connect with nature under the many mature trees, utilize the charcoal grills or stone pavilion with seating or, simply play throughout the park. Phelps Grove also has its own tennis court, playground, and paved trail that surrounds the park. This park is pet friendly with water fountains and restrooms available.

Did you know!?

Directly adjacent to the park is the Springfield Art museum, which once was the site of a lake and waterfall belonging to Phelps Grove Park until the late 1920’s. Another interesting piece of the park’s history is that it was the site of the city zoo until the mid-1920’s. The city purchased the Dickerson Park land where the zoo is currently located today.

Follow Phelps Grove Park on Facebook or visit the parkboard.org for more information on its history and events.

417 Local Editorial Team

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