Pizza Nights at Millsap Farm 

 April 28, 2021

By  Carla Broderick

Have you ever experienced a night that was so mystical that it seemed like it was something out of a movie?

I get that feeling every. single. time. I attend a Pizza Night at Millsap Farm.

The magic that surrounds the night is almost impossible to describe.

But I’ll try. 😉

The Ambiance

string lights millsap farm

Millsap Farm does a phenomenal job of making you feel welcome the moment you step foot on the farm.

The area you gather for pizza night is nestled in a little bit of woods, giving it an intimate feel. They’ve added string lights over head to make the area feel like stepping into an enchanted forest.

As you come closer to this spot on the farm, you’ll hear the hustle and bustle of the family and team making your pizzas, the murmur of guests socializing, and best of all, the live musicians they’ve invited to make the night even more remarkable.

I’ve been to plenty of the pizza nights and I’ve gotta tell ya, the music never disappoints.

The Millsap crew has also made sure you have a seat at the table by providing numerous picnic tables, seats by the fire, and plenty of room if you prefer to bring your own picnic blanket or camping chair.

The Community


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The community atmosphere you find at Millsap’s pizza nights is the epitome of what community should be.

No one is a stranger here.

Just a bunch of friends you haven’t met yet.

The buzz of chatter is almost hypnotizing as guests, new and veteran, open conversation to get to know one another.

Children freely run around together just outside the gathering area. Laughing and quickly making new bosom buddies.

The tables here at pizza night are meant to be shared with anyone who needs a seat. So after you grab your slice, don’t be shy about just plopping down at the first open spot you see. And get ready to make some new friends.

The Pizza


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Maybe you think I should have started with describing the pizza. 

I mean, it is “Pizza Night at Millsap”, not “Gather in a Cool Place with Cool People Night at Millsap”. 

But as good as the pizza is, it takes second string to the ambiance and community Millsap Farm has created.  

And that’s saying a lot because the pizza is sooooo goooood!

The Millsap family and their team work hard to make the absolute best pizzas for you to enjoy.  

Toppings of the pizzas include fresh organically grown produce harvested right from the farm, accompanied with local meats, cheeses, and sauces.  

Once they finish making the pizzas from scratch, the glorious circle of goodness gets thrown in one of the farm’s New Mexico style Horno wood-fired earthen ovens to cook to perfection.  

The pizzas are taken hot out of the oven and served buffet style so you can try each and every delicious combination to your heart’s (and stomach’s) content. 

What Are You Waiting For?

I could go on and on about the wonders of Millsap’s Pizza Nights, but the best way to know all there is to know is to go experience it for yourself. 

You can make your reservations here.  

I’ll see you at the farm.   


Carla Broderick

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