The Purple Burrito, Springfield,MO 

 September 13, 2018

By  417 Local Editorial Team

The Purple Burrito, Springfield, MO

The Purple Burrito, Springfield, MO

Springfield has almost as many Mexican restaurants as they do Chinese restaurants. There was a popular joke a few years ago that everytime a Chinese restaurant went out of business a Mexican restaurant opened in the same building. And everytime a Mexican restaurant went out of business a Chineses restaurant opened up in the same building. I don’t know if I believe it but it sure seems true.

So why do we need another Mexican restaurant? Two glorious words: California style. That’s right, California has its own style of Mexican food. The style you are used to is actually Tex-Mex, Texas style Mexican food. Makes sense, we are closer to Texas than California. But for transplants from the west coast there has always been a hole in our hearts for a style of Mexican we can’t get in Springfield.

Thankfully the Purple Burrito is here to fix us up with something fresh and authentic. They have all the good stuff. Crispy tacos, chile relleno, carne asada burritos, horchata, menudo on Sundays! If you don’t know what some of these items are, just consider them comfort food. You can get something you know and love or try something you’ve never heard of, either way, you will be happy.

Purple Burrito shoots and scores on providing a relaxed atmosphere. The service is over the counter but the floor is always clean and the salsa bar is always stocked. You should try watching your food getting made. It’s like watching a glass blower at Silver Dollar City. You will be mesmerized but this time you get to eat the product after it’s made.

They have a very industrial decor that makes me wonder if they are being sincere or taking a jab at other restaurants who take themselves too seriously.<cough-Chipotle-cough> Purple Burrito is family run, always a plus. If you talk to the owner he will remember you next time you come in for a bite.

The next time you crave a fresh, crisp taco or the crunch perfection that is their chicken chimichanga the only place you should consider is the Purple Burrito.

the only place you should consider is the Purple Burrito

417 Local Editorial Team

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