A Dish to Devour at Café’ Cusco | Best Chicken in Springfield MO? 

 March 9, 2021

By  Carla Broderick

Café’ Cusco has been serving up Peruvian inspired food for the past seven years and is doing it right

With all of their options, including gluten free and vegan, Café’ Cusco truly has something for everyone.


 This hidden gem is located at 234 E Commercial St in Springfield, Mo. You’ll find it in a gorgeous restored building that was constructed in 1883. 

My Choice

Everything I’ve tried at Café’ Cusco has been absolutely fantastic.  It’s hard to choose just one dish.  But my main pick, and something I suggest you order, is their Chicken Aji Verde.  

Move over Moroccan Chicken.

The Chicken Aji Verde is the chicken dish to beat all other exotic chicken dishes. 

The deets on the dish

For those of you not familiar with Peruvian food (i.e. me, before I discovered Café’ Cusco), aji verde is a celebration in your mouth in the form of a traditional Peruvian green sauce.  Once you experience it’s beautiful goodness you will want to pour it on every. single. thing


Café’ Cusco rains down their magical sauce all over a delightfully blended mix of peppers, onions, tomatoes, and of course, chicken, that has been sautéed in white wine.  *cue angelic choir*

And don’t worry, once you’ve devoured all your protein and veggies, there’s a side of rice to help you unashamedly scoop every single last drop of that delectable aji verde into your facehole.  

What are you waiting for? 

There is an abundance of happiness to be found in all of the amazing cuisine 417 land has to offer.  

Start exploring it by heading over to Café Cusco and treating yourself to an order of that beautiful Chicken Aji VerdeYou are welcome!


Carla Broderick

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