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Sculpture Walk Springfield – Discover 30+ Unique Creations FREE

Do you like art?  Do you like art that’s also free to enjoy?  How about art that’s free to view and available all year round and can be seen from the comfort of your car or on a leisurely stroll?

Yep. We’ve got that. It’s called Sculpture Walk Springfield.

The What?


portal #5 wooden sculpture

portal #5 wooden sculpture

Borbor steel sculpture

Borbor steel sculpture

Sculpture Walk Springfield is a collection of sculptures placed throughout Springfield that you can visit for FREE. Their website touts it as “A museum without walls”.  Doesn’t that sound magical?

To add to the magic, you can download an app (here) that will play recordings from the artist, telling you all about their sculpture, the inspiration that led to the creation, and more!

Some absolutely fantastic people teamed up with beautifully generous people (which you could be one of by clicking here) with the mission “to enhance the quality of life and to promote economic vitality through the artistic transformation of Springfield with outdoor sculpture.”  How cool is that?!

This magnificent project was first graced our streets in 2016 and is still going strong.

The sculptures, of which there are currently over 30, are rotated out for new ones periodically so there’s almost always something new to see.

Some sculptures are permanent. Other sculptures take the way of the McDonald’s McRib and will only be around for a limited time.

The Where

You can find the sculptures all throughout Springfield.

You can find a map of the current sculptures here.

The Sun Worshiper

The Sun Worshiper

They currently have seemed to congirate mostly in the center of Springfield with a few deciding to be rebels and place themselves scattered throughout the town, further away from the crowds.

So if you actually want to walk to view the Sculpture Walk Springfield, I would suggest heading downtown.  However, if you’d rather just view them from the cushy, air conditioned, comfort of your vehicle, the world is your oyster. Well, at least Springfield is your oyster.

The When

Sculptures are on display all year round.  The current collection will be available to view from now until Spring 2021.  

So get out there, get some sunshine, and get your art peepin on!





valentines in 417

9 Things To Do for Valentine’s Day in 417 Land

Love is in the air.  Or hopefully, it will be for you, by the time Feb 14th rolls around.  It’s a great time to show a little extra love to that special someone in your life.  Or, if you are rocking life solo, go ahead and show a little extra love to yourself, you beautiful soul, you!

I’ve gathered up a few ideas to make that time of love unique. Whether you’re married, single, or somewhere in between, 417 land has all kindsa fun to be had in the month of L O V E.

Date Night Pottery Wheel Mug Throwing

If you’re a product of the 80’s then I’m sure you too picture that famous scene from Ghost when you think of romantic pottery throwing.  I can currently hear Unchained Melody in my brain as I type about this pottery date night.

Anyway, if getting your hands dirty with your date sounds like a fun time, this one’s for you.

Art Zone in Nixa will be hosting this event. You and your boo will each get to create and glaze a piece of pottery on the wheel (and maybe even recreate that Ghost scene).

Feb 12th and 13th. Check out all the deets here.

Chocolate Walk

All my single ladies, all my single ladies. And men too. You can get in on this one and treat yo self! 

The adorable little town of Fair Grove is having a Chocolate Walk on Feb 13th.

Take a stroll down their historic Main St and sample your way through chocolate goodness that the shops and merchants will be spoiling you with.

All the info is here.

Couples Line Dancing – Learn to Two Step!

For those of you looking to work off all that chocolate you’ve consumed in the spirit of the holiday, get your boots on and get ready to show off your moves on the dance floor!

Western line dancers

True North Movement will be teaching you and your partner the two-step on VDay weekend.

The dancing won’t be starting until 8:15, so you’ll have plenty of time to wine and dine before heading over to the Marshfield Community Center to bust a move.

Mosey on over here for more info.

Heart of Ozark Gala 2021

If you’d like to spread the love even further, take your beloved out on a fabulous date that also benefits the Heart of the Ozarks.

On Feb 13th in Ozark, you’ll get the all star treatment with valet parking, red carpet photo entry, dining, dancing, and more.  And you’ll leave with a heart full of all the warm fuzzies from contributing to a great cause.

Historic River District has thought of every detail to make this Gala a night you won’t forget.

Read more about it here.

Valentine’s Dinner at Finley Farms

For the ultimate intimate dinner, make sure to reserve your ticket for Finley Farms Valentine Dinner.

Finley Farms is setting up just 11 tables per night (Feb 13th and 14th) to create a romantic setting in their restored 1930’s picturesque brick building.

You and yours will be treated to a four course dinner, live music, cocktails, and more.  You can also impress your date even more by adding on a bottle of wine or a floral bouquet.

Get more info and grab your tickets here.

Trivia Night: ValenSteins Day Edition

If the laid back scene is more your style, check out the trivia night at Frank ‘n’ Steins in Nixa.

Couples only for this event.  Make sure to bring your competitive spirit and maybe the nerdiest date you can find so you have a chance of winning that trivia.

In addition to the trivia, couples can shoot some pool (perfect opportunity to snuggle up to your date to teach them how to handle that pool stick), grab a few beers, eat some Valentines Day dinner specials, and much more.

Click here for their info.

Masquerade Valentine Party

Put a little mystery in your romance by going out to a masquerade!

The Venue at Stockton Lake will be hosting this event on their 25,000 acre oasis. Tickets include dinner, a character in the mystery (or help solve), a red rose, and chocolates.

There is limited seating, so go here now to book and get more details here.

Soulfire Marriage Conference

Even the most perfect marriage has room for improvement.  What’s more romantic than taking your betrothed on a weekend filled with ways to bring you closer?

This conference not only has all the tools to strengthen your marriage, it’s also finishes off the weekend with a retro prom!!!

The conference is two incredible days of speakers, worship, workshops, and finishes up on Saturday night with dinner and dancing.

Talk it over with your bride (or groom) and then get all the info/tickets here.

The Marriage of Your Dreams Conference

Another great event for the married peeps out there is happening over in Nixa.

Learn from marriage counselor, and best-selling author Dr. Paul David Tripp during Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Then, on Sunday night, put those newly learned skills into practice by taking your spouse on a date while the conference provides free childcare.

Secure your spot here.

And Much, Much, More

I’ve covered just a few of the Valentines happenings in 417 land.  Pick your fave, or find something else that suits you.  Most importantly, make sure to take advantage of the time and celebrate some love.

Wingapalooza 2020 is – Wingapalooza Crawl – Here’s the Details

Another one bites the dust.

The beloved Wingapalooza is yet another victim in the long line of canceled events this year.  But fear not my wing-loving friend.

The powers behind Wingapalooza have made a way for you to still enjoy cheap wings from all over the Springfield area in the form of Wingapalooza Crawl 2020!

Wingapalooza has been around for twenty glorious meat filled years.

So it’s a golden birthday? 20-years old in 2020?!?!?

Here’s everything you need to know about Wingapalooza and the 2020 Wingapalooza Crawl.

Let’s dive in.

What is Wingapalooza?

Just in case you’ve been living under a chickenless rock the past few decades, let me catch you up to speed.

The Wingapalooza event is held every year by Springfield Sertoma as a way to raise money for the youngins in this area.

One magical moment each year, Sertoma gathers together numerous wing servin restaurants to dole out said wings together in a single arena.

Here in this Eden, you can spend hours stuffing your face with poultry goodness all for just one ticket admission fee.

Every year, bone-in and boneless enthusiasts alike flock to this blessed event and stand shoulder to shoulder in sauced up bliss while raising money for Boys and Girls Clubs of Springfield and other local youth organizations.

Unfortunately, the whole “shoulder to shoulder” thing is kinda frowned upon in our current environment….

That’s where Winga Crawl 2020 comes in to save the day!

WingaPalooza Crawl 2020

In the WingaPalooza Crawl 2020 you can still raise money for local kids, enjoy a taste of the wingness Springfield area has to offer, AND do so while avoiding touching other people!

The first thing you must do is:

  1. Obtain the Golden Ticket

Which in this case is just a cool Wingapalooza booklet.

Either get yourself to Hy-Vee or a participating Rapid Robert’s to buy the book.

Ooooor, if you really want to win the gold star of social distancing, you can buy the booklet, golden ticket here and they will mail your booklet to you!

What do you do next?

Once you have the booklet in hand you are free to roam the streets in search of your mouth’s next wing adventure.

Here’s how:

The Crawl

The participating restaurants will be doling out wings for this event from now until December 31st, 2020.

The booklet will contain a voucher that you give to a designated restaurant and in return they hand over delicious wings.

There’s a voucher for each of the EIGHTEEN participating restaurants and word on the street (or on Wingapalooza’s Facebook page) is that you’ll get four wings at each restaurant.

If I’m doing my math correctly, that means you get SEVENTY-TWO wings for the price of the Winga booklet!!!

Just Enough?

I know it’s not quite the same as being amongst fellow wing lovers, prancing from booth to booth, with piles of drums and flats to devour in one glorious day.

But hey, at least it’s something.

And I think it’s just enough to get us by until we all joyously reunite in the same room for Wingapalooza 2021.

turkey trot in springfield mo

Turkey Trot in Springfield is Still On! Here’s How…

Does running entice you?  Do you get a thrill from pounding pavement in the painfully cold mornings of late fall? Does the thought of helping a good cause while getting a free t-shirt bring a smile to your face?  Then the 26th Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5k might be for you!!!

Lace Up For The 26th Turkey Trot! 

Running Together- Virtually

Springfield is rockin out the Trot virtually this year.

After you’re all registered up, you can register by clicking here, then choose from one of the five routes listed on the official site and run (or if you don’t enjoy torture, walk) all of that 5K sometime during Thanksgiving weekend.

Next, just upload your run times and photos to ParkBoard.org/TurkeyTrot by midnight on Sunday, November 29th to prove how amazing you are and maybe even win some prizes!

What to do Next

turkey trot participants

Even though there will not be a mass gathering for the actual run this year, there will be a chance to see other weirdos… ehem, I mean running enthusiast, at the packet pickup event on Wednesday, November 25th.

If you haven’t already registered online (here) you will have a chance to register on site at this event.

Part of your Trot registration fee will go towards Springfield-Greene County Park Board Youth Recreation Scholarship Fund and the Developmental Center of the Ozarks.

While you’re picking up your packet, you can also help our world a little more by bringing along some food to donate to Ozarks Food Harvest who will be collecting donations there in one of their largest food drives of the year.

Run, 417, Run

Whether you’re running with a big group, joining a few family members on a route, or hitting the pavement alone, you are part of a great event benefiting 417 land!

So lace up, go run off those Thanksgiving feast calories, and then give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

From An Impound In Springfield To A Fun Fashion Truck | Bree’s Closet

From A Police Impound In Springfield To A Fun Fashion Truck

How can a beat-up old truck turn into a super snazzy fashion shop on wheels???!!

With some good old fashion imagination and some hard work!

There’s a pretty cool history behind the fashion truck known as Bree’s Little Closet. Who would’ve thought it’d come with a back story like this...

An ugly little thing once housed at a police impound to being transforming into a money-making machine.

Its background will surprise you, but you’ll love the ending!

Love at First Sight

Some people may have thought it was a challenge too big to tackle, but not for Brianna and Tina Barnett who are both entrepreneurs and creative visionaries.

What would one day become a mobile boutique started out as anything but...

Brianna and her mother Tina bought the Truck through an auction after it had been sitting at a police impound lot for some time.

The history of the truck is interesting and comes with a shady past.

The man who previously owned the truck was a bit of a thief, but those days were long over.

When Brianna and Tina saw the truck for the first time, they saw something that only true entrepreneurs would.

The perfect place to start a business!

With the love of fashion and some inspiration, they were determined to see this dream become a reality.

From Ratty to Spectacular

When they bought the truck, they knew there would be a lot of work to do before it could be transformed into the fashion truck it is today.

From the interior to the exterior that work was extensive.

It needed much more than just a touch-up.

With a little help from friends and family, they rolled up their sleeves and began to turn that truck with a not so nice history into the handsome fashion truck it is today.

They put in some additions to support their beautiful collections and revamped the interior with lovely decor, ceiling tiles, wood flooring and even antique doors before finilizing it with a decorative logo on the side.

After all their efforts, their truck looked like the shop they had envisioned.

All that hard work and energy had paid off and was thoughtfully named Bree’s Little Closet.

The Fashion Truck Is More Than Just a Beauty

What’s really astounding about this fashion truck is not only the transformation it underwent but the innovative and creative vision behind it all.

A passion for fashion and a desire to make a business idea a reality was the driving force behind Bree’s Little Closet.

This is a great example of what you can accomplish with an idea, determination and a little help from some friends.

Click the link and check them out today! 

I Ordered A Frozen Mudpuddle From The Mudhouse In Springfield Mo.

I Ordered A Frozen Mudpuddle From The Mudhouse In Springfield Mo.

“Soy Chai Latte!!!”

The barista’s voice was upbeat as me and my two children (11 and 8) strolled in through the heavy, old-fashioned glass door at the front of the building.

Mudhouse Coffee, located at 323 South Ave in Springfield, is in the ‘heart’ of what true locals call the downtown area of Springfield.

Nestled snugly within a long line of connected storefronts that stretch up and down South Avenue, you could easily walk past it without noticing it if you happen to be looking down at your phone.

The Mudhouse

But even if you did… you’d likely still be able to tell by the smell that you had just walked past something interesting

The Mudhouse Smells Like No Other Business In Springfield…

To me, the inside of the Mudhouse always smells of strong coffee, with hints of cocoa.

Quiet music plays in the background. Tonight, a cold Saturday in February, they happened to be playing what sounded like slow 90s-style alt rock tunes.

The music blended well with the steady ‘churning’ of the coffee grinder behind the bar. The level of noise was just loud enough that you could have a decent conversation without feeling like you were shouting, offering that subtle ‘air of privacy’ we don’t usually notice until dead silence falls in a public place… suddenly making us aware of the fact that everyone can hear what we’re talking about!

“Two Raspberry White Mochas!!!” The barista shouted, setting them quickly onto the bar as I walked up to give my order.

He was a well-dressed young man with a short beard. He was friendly and professional. He had that ‘college hipster’ look about him (which is probably a stereotypical thing for a 33 year old like myself to say… but hey, what can I say. I’m an edgy guy!).

I scanned the menu, which was very attractively written on a few different blackboards with colored chalk.

I found the frozen drink section, and my eyes came to rest upon a drink labeled as “their version of a frozen mocha.”

It was at this moment that I realized… I had identified my quarry. 

The Frozen Mudpuddle Was The Drink For Me

I ordered my drink, and also a hot cocoa for my 8 year old daughter. Then, we turned our attention to the task of finding a place to sit… which turned out to be rather challenging at 5:45 on a saturday evening!

The inside of Mudhouse Coffee is actually really charming. There is interesting artwork covering most of the walls, including these really interesting photos of people getting paint splashed on them.

Every time I pass through for a coffee, I spend at least 5 minutes looking at those.

There is also a set of shelves where they peddle some of their wares… teas and coffees that enthusiastic coffee sommeliers can purchase and take home with them.

Shelves Of Coffee

An array of tables, chairs, and couches adorn the inside. The lighting is gentle… generated mostly by quaint old lamps and hanging fixtures that give off a sort of soft incandescent light.

There is most definitely a ‘glow’ to the place, which makes it feel like a real local coffee shop.

There is a shelf of games for customers to play. My daughter snagged a deck of cards, and was instantly thrilled at realizing her odds of getting a game of go-fish out of me were high.

(She was right. She beat me at not only go-fish, but also slap-jack before the evening was over!)

My Frozen Mudpuddle Was Finally Ready…

Our drinks were ready within 10 minutes.

Not long after grabbing them and heading back to our seats (we found a comfortable couch and chair with a coffee-table to sit at), I heard the barista shout the next order.

“Soy Lavender Iced Mocha… With Almond Milk!!!”

But to tell the truth, my mind was already in high-gear, prepared to taste this glorious cold creation that I now held in my hands. 

My Iced Mudpuddle

My first sip was lovely. It was definitely ice cold… and creamy.

The sugar-infused flavors of mocha and coffee blended together wonderfully. It was surprisingly refreshing for a coffee drink… though it didn’t taste ‘light’ or over-iced. It was definitely full-flavored.

In all honesty, it tasted like a ‘real’ iced mocha… heartier than the ones you get from the fast-food drive-through.

I’m not sure that you would want to consume these things on the daily; especially if you are on a calorie-restricted diet! But it was good enough that my time between sips was… predictably short.

4.5 stars out of 5, without a doubt… and this wasn’t my first frozen-mocha rodeo, either.

The Clientele Were Quiet And Polite… And Dare I Say, Interesting To Watch

There were a lot of people on their laptops. But this didn’t surprise me, seeing as how they do offer free Wi-Fi.

There were people talking, small groups seated around tables, and couples on coffee dates.

There were college students working furiously on papers, headphones plugged in… fueled-up on java and shutting out the rest of the world to meet their deadlines.

Nearby, a biker came in and sat down, clothed fully in his biker-garb. He set his helmet on the table, and proceeded to welcome a well-dressed friend in a suit to join him about five minutes later.

An attractive young woman with blue hair, dressed in black from head-to-toe, doodled little black hearts on a notepad as she enjoyed her coffee. She occasionally picked up her phone, giggled at whatever she saw, and would then hastily set herselt to the task of typing a reply.

All around me, people were enjoying their Saturday evening… as was I.

And for good reason. Everything was really nice. It was warm, the coffee was good, the atmosphere was pleasant… it was just a good time, no matter how you looked at it. 

My Final Opinion Of The Mudhouse And My Visit

All in all, I would rate Mudhouse Coffee as one of my top 3 favorite coffee shops in Springfield.

They balance classic atmosphere in the seating area with modern professionalism behind the counter, and it shows.

The baristas seem to know their stuff. They get orders out quickly, seem industrious, and have always been incredibly helpful and polite to me… even on those days when I needed to ‘talk through my order ideas’ to figure out exactly what I wanted.

Would I go back? 1000%. I will always go back to the Mudhouse. It’s just such a mainstay downtown that it’ll never get old for me.

Plus, it’s a place where I can take my kids and feel confident that no crazy nonsense will happen. It’s a family friendly environment, and that’s a bonus. 
Plus, the coffee is just really good. Let’s not forget that part!

Rove Coffee Springfield MO

Rove Coffee Springfield MO – Locally Owned, Crafted to Perfection

​Rove Coffee Springfield MO - Locally Owned, Crafted to Perfection

​Rove Coffee Springfield MO

Do you notice a bunch of people at the airport holding a cup of coffee in their hand?

It’s easy just to get a hot or cold brew in about any coffee shops at the airport but,

To find the perfect cup of coffee that’s brewed and crafted flawlessly? This requires some research and trial-and-error.

Until Rove Coffee Springfield MO was born.

And they aren’t only serving you up before or after a long flight, they’re roasting facility is located  in the heart of Springfield. Their goal? To provide the finest coffee in town made from the freshest, local ingredients.

Check out their story, what they offer, (yep, it’s not just coffee!), and why they rock Springfield’s world!

​Coffee + Airport = Rove Coffee Springfield MO

​Coffee + Airport

Rove Coffee was conceived by Missouri natives, Dustin and Katie Jackson and their passion for coffee and airports.

Dustin wanted to deliver a need to passengers flying from the Springfield-Branson National Airport, which is high-quality coffee.

Eager to take action for his plan, he brought this impassioned idea to his wife.

And as the cliche goes, the rest is history.

The Jacksons went ahead with their coffee shop plan, got to work, and actualized it.

This was back in January 2013.

Since then, Rove Coffee has been providing travelers the satisfaction of sipping a cup of an amazing brew throughout the years.

Local First - Supports Local Businesses in Missouri

What is amazing about Rove Coffee is not just how great their coffee is.

But they are a business with a heart.

They work with local businesses in Missouri by showcasing products from shops in and around Springfield.

For instance, their pantry case is fully stocked with delicious pastries and breads from Gardener’s Orchard and Bakery, a local pastry shop in Brighton. There are plenty of Danish pastries and other quick bites to choose from, all carried by this business.

They also feature products from Springfield’s homegrown Tea Bar & Bites such as their homemade pop tarts and gluten-free/ vegan berry cobbler bars.

Tea aficionados can also enjoy a wide selection of teas from Kansas City’s Hugo Tea Company.

Other local products at Rove Coffee include items from Askinosie Chocolate Bars (from Askinosie Chocolate) and Star Bars rom Chelsea’s Bakehaus. These businesses are located in Springfield and Kansas City, respectively.

​One-Stop Shop for Coffee, Bites, and Chilled-Out Vibes

​One-Stop Shop for Coffee, Bites, and Chilled-Out Vibes!

Flying can be quite an exciting but exhausting experience at times.

The Springfield-Branson airport may be small, but it’s little comforts make it memorable.

Thankfully, Rove Coffee Springfield MO offers a cozy and relaxing spot for travelers to slow down and “smell the coffee”.

Their selection of fresh brews will entice your palate and the amazing range of pastries will fill your tummy and carry you through to your next meal until arrive at your next destination.

Check out rovecoffee.com and look them up on Facebook and Instagram for specials and the latest news about these guys!

Stephen Driscoll: 4-Things You Need to Know about The Uniform Broker

Stephen Driscoll: 4-Things You Need to Know about The Uniform Broker

Things You Need to Know about The Uniform Broker

“I could talk to you for an hour, and if you take away one meaningful thing, then I’ve done my job. If I can give something to someone where they walk away with something that was going to improve their life for the next 40, 50, 60 years, that’s what matters.”

The words of Stephen Driscoll; entrepreneur and community advocate. Stephen is the founder of The Uniform Broker in Springfield MO, 24/7 my best life and a growing 417 community and business-focused Facebook Group.

Going beyond the old way of doing business, Stephen has the philosophy that even though there’s always direct competition, there’s always room for businesses to work together. He knows that as an entrepreneur, it is up to business owners to support one another and genuinely be the foundation on which the community stands.

We had the opportunity to meet with and hear the vision behind the man, and this is his story.

From a Zen Moment to the Birth of a Local Business 

Stephen Driscoll had his share of the 8 to 5 workday, long commutes, accompanied by the nagging feeling that there was a better way to leave his mark.

He shared his moments of zen when he would leave the office and take a detour stop on the Atlantic coast. In those moments, mystery and wonder seeped in. The same way the ocean touched every coastal area on the planet, we too have the ability to impact each other lives in the same way. He knew, there was something bigger ahead for him.

The inspiration behind the Uniform Broker, 417 and 24/7 My Best Life was people. Not just people, but the community as a whole.

Stephen came all the way from Florida with his wife to start his entrepreneurial dream in the 417 area. In just a couple of years, he has created a business that supports other local business owners and is a fast-growing influencer in the community.  

The question is, are you in?

The Business of 417

The Business of 417 Podcast, Site and Social Media Connects 

Stephen believes that Springfield and the surrounding area is home to hundreds of talented people who are unrecognized.

Whenever up and coming entrepreneurs or small business owners want to bring value into the community, the old way was to go at more or less solo. Exhaustive hours of self-promotion and marketing just to be able to have an opportunity to serve the people.

The business of 417 aims to change all that. His goal is to build up these platforms that support the heart of “Hey, let’s get you out there. Let’s bring awareness to each other.”

He also realized that there’s a greater opportunity to feature more and more people in the community with a business that everybody needs to know about.

You can connect with the Busines of 417 through any of the social media platforms including the Facebook group.

There’s also a podcast featuring their very own business spotlights.

This live show is packed with raw, honest conversations, putting the comfort blanket down and discussing what can make any business thrive.

With everyone working together, rowing together towards the big picture, everything is possible.

Success is inevitable!

Uplifting Local Networking Tuesday Afternoon Group 

As a way to connect with fellow 417 local business owners, Stephen created an Uplifting Networking Group that’s going to be held every Tuesday Afternoon at the 4 by 4 Brewing Company in Springfield.

This is where other entrepreneurs can connect with one another, share, gain knowledge and build relationships that expand their reach in the community.

Check it out on Facebook

As a business owner, thinking in terms of nothing but the competition just doesn’t work anymore. It’s our responsibility to come together for the greater good of the community.

Expect high energy, loads of fun and some phenomenal speakers.

This is a unique opportunity to bring the community together. When the community is not unified, it falls. How can business owners better serve their customers, and how can local businesses partner with one another in a way that brings value to the 417 local area?

This theme is at the heart of Stephen new networking group. It’s all happening Tuesday, 2:30 p.m starting May 21, 2019.

Fighting Alongside the Little Guys

The Game Changing Uniform Broker - Fighting Alongside the Little Guys 

Stephen is the founder of Uniform Broker which focuses on what’s known as textile products. (Or, the uniform business). His business model aims to assist business owners to utilize their in-shop products as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

We’re talking about things every single business needs for either their day to day operations or to meet customer expectations. Paper towels, toilet tissue, hand sanitizer, air fresheners, chemicals, mats, towels, you name it, Stephen isn’t just a representative, he’s an in-depth consultant.  

With 15 plus years of experience in the field, it became apparent to Stephen that the majority of representatives working with businesses were not operating in a way that was best for the business owner.

Over 71% of sales reps in the Uniform business do not stay within their field for longer than 18 months. This means that there’s a lot of room for error and inexperienced advisors.

The result? Most businesses unknowingly are paying too much for these products, have the wrong items in place, have discrepancies in their inventory or are not utilizing these items properly. The cost in losses being anywhere from 5 cents to 40 dollars per absent, misused or misplaced item. Over time, these losses add up.

The concept seems simple enough, but the program was designed to be detailed oriented with both the customer, employee and the business in mind.

The Uniform broker does not rent these services, they help business owners in evaluating the true needs of the business. In addition, Stephen trains employees on the proper use procedures to utilize these items effectively.

His mission, to provide a business with these solutions, without overpaying for items they don’t need. Effectiveness, while reducing waste.

Hear the full story on this podcast.

A Story of Two Mats 

One Example that came up in our interview with the Uniform Broker was a restaurant that was paying for the wrong mats for over 5 years.

These two mats alone, not talking including uniforms, towels, aprons and other services caused this mom and pop business to pay over $2,500 in rental fees that it did not need to.

This is what the Uniform Broker does, comes alongside business owners and saves them money.

Only Pay if You Save 

It says a lot about the quality of service when you can offer a money back guarantee.

Only pay if you save means if the Uniform Broker’s services don’t save you money, you don’t have to pay.

Hit Stephen up : (e)mail - stephen (at) theuniformbroker.com

Website - https://theuniformbroker.com/

Uniform Broker Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/theuniformbroker/

Uniform Broker Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/theuniformbroker/

Uniform Broker LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/theuniformbroker/

Business of 417 Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/399262540865777/

24-7 My Best Life Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/247mybestlife/

The Future is Here

The Future is Here 

Stephen Driscoll is an impressive community partner through his work and his visions yet to come.

Whether you find him on 247 My Best Life, The Business of 417, The Uniform Brokers or a Networking event you can be sure he’s hard at work bringing those once “just dreams” into a reality.

Bringing a new wave of thinking into how business is done and we together can serve our customers and communities better.

Diaper Bank Brings Hope, One Diaper At A Time

Diaper Bank Brings Hope, One Diaper At A Time

Diaper Bank Brings Hope, One Diaper At A Time

1 in 3 families struggles to buy diapers.

What it means is that in every 3 families in the country, 1 of them has a child crying as it lays in a wet diaper, a soiled diaper, and hasn’t been changed for hours or even a day…

It is a reality that not many people are aware of, and this is the problem Diaper Bank of the Ozarks is out to solve.

Sad Diaper Stories

Did you know that about 48% of U.S. families fail to change their babies’ diapers regularly?

And that 32% of U.S. families reuse diapers?

With dirty diapers being reused over and over, and babies are deprived of clean diapers when they need them, just think about the impact on these little ones’ health…

Skin rashes, infections, inflamed skin, and so on, and so forth.

Meanwhile, that distressed baby cries from the discomfort she is going through. That poor child can barely verbalize what she is feeling. Parents, on the other hand, are left feeling guilty and helpless from not being able to support their baby’s basic need.

It is something most people may not know of but this inadequacy in diaper supply experienced by 1 out of 3 families with babies in the U.S happens day after day.

The Diaper Bank of Ozarks has been extending its support to solve this issue, and they need your participation to keep the vision and mission alive… For these suffering babies across Missouri, and the entirety of the United States.

Programs Offered By the Diaper Bank of the Ozarks

Programs Offered By the Diaper Bank of the Ozarks

The Diaper Bank has created several programs all with the same purpose:

To address the daily needs of families in need of a diaper for their babies… And More.

These programs include:

- Greene County Disposable Diaper Distribution which serves babies in Greene County through 40 partnering agencies.

- Rural County Diaper Distribution Program reaches 30 counties through 20 partnering agencies in the Ozarks rural counties.

- Diapers for Daycare Program distributes 50,000 to 80,000 disposable diapers each year.

- Cloth Diaper Loan Program provides cloth diaper loans to as much as 150 families yearly.

- Baby Hub Program offers educational resources to families, as well as children’s activities during class time.

- Period Products Program provides period items with the support of partner agencies.

These programs are set in place to reduce the suffering of babies whose caretakers are unable to meet their need for a clean diaper. Now it’s your turn to take part and give back where help is most needed.

The Diaper Bank is More Than A Diaper Storage

The Diaper Bank is More Than A Diaper Storage

According to statistics, the national poverty rate is between 12.7 and 14.1 percent.

In Springfield, it is at 25 percent.

Such a big number that means so many things. One of these includes the fact that so many parents struggle to provide one of the costliest baby items.

As a way of extending help to this pressing issue, the Diaper Bank has created a program that will supply clean, disposable and/or cloth diapers to these little ones.

Since its inception, it has donated between 70,000 and 80,000 diapers to 40 of its local partnering agencies located in Greene County. This is to address the daily requests for clean diapers by single moms or dads, financially struggling teen moms, and grandparents raising these babies while on a fixed, inadequate income.

At present, the Diaper Bank partners with a total of 29 agencies in the Ozarks’ rural counties, successfully reaching 30 counties. Through these agencies, their goal is to distribute as much as 300,000 disposable diapers to families in 2018.

The Diaper Bank gives hope with its acts of charity and generosity to those in most need of their help.

Every diaper provided to a family gives hope, a commodity that is just as rare as a pack of diapers for these struggling individuals in society.

If you had a baby, would you let her cry endlessly because of a soiled diaper that’s been sitting there for hours and hours?

If no, then you wouldn’t bear any baby to suffer this fate… Whether she’s yours or not.

Extend your help through The Diaper Bank today.

City Butcher, Springfield, MO

Is Missouri ready for Texas barbecue?

Is Missouri ready for Texas barbecue?

Born in Texas, raised in Springfield. Springfield has its fair share of people from other parts. Pick a part of the country, I bet you know someone from there who now calls Springfield home. One great thing about this phenomenon is that we can pick and choose from some of the greatest food in the country without having to drive to another state, let alone another city.

Cody Smith, a founder of City Butcher, is on a mission to spread the good news of Texas Barbecue. He does just that one smoky, succulent bite at a time. Being close to KC, Springfield has its share of barbecue joints. But KC style barbecue is all about the sauce while Texas barbecue is all about that slow wood smoked beef.

Cody Smith a founder of City Butcher

From 11 am till “Sold Out”

City Butcher opens its doors at 11 am and famously are open until they have “sold out” of all their meats. Other bbq joints in town have suggested that City Butcher just doesn’t make enough food. So what is going on here? Is “sold out” just clever marketing or is there something special going on?

I don’t know how to run a restaurant so I don’t know if City Butcher made more meat they would stop running out. But I do know that I have never eaten at City Butcher and been alone. It is rare that I’ve eaten there and they haven’t been all-hands-on-deck busy. There is always a line. But like most people, I am very happy to wait in almost any sized line to get my share of burnt end.

From 11 am till “Sold Out”

No frills, but who needs frills anyway

Located in the Kickapoo Corners shopping center, City Butcher doesn’t need a big, fancy, stand-alone store to sell their barbecue. In fact, they don’t need anything fancy. They trust their meat to be good enough that you won’t need to be distracted by bric-a-brac.

Unfinished cement floors, simple but well made wooden benches, a few pictures on the wall. Most of the budget went toward function. There is an impressively long, ice-filled beer cooler that could comfortably hold a Fiat. The fixin’s are free at the condiment station and include chopped onions, pickles, and bread.

No bad choice

The brisket is the King of Texas barbecue, you can judge a barbecue joint based just on the brisket. City Butchers’ brisket is aromatic and moist but the best thing on the menu is the burnt ends.

Choose any of their specialty sandwiches without worrying about missing out. You will be back enough times to try everything but I recommend starting with the Sweaty Texan (brisket and hot links) or the Pig Bird (pulled pork and smoked turkey).

No bad choice

All that smokey flavor is gonna leave you thirsty and City Butcher has the perfect beer to pair with your barbecue. Due to a partnership with local brewery White River, you can pick up a beer specifically made by the good people of City Butcher. Butcher Block Phils is a traditional American lager that will quench your thirst without drowning out the barbecue taste in your mouth.

The fact that they made their own beer tells you everything you need to know about City Butcher. Quality first, they think about the experience of the meal and leave nothing to chance. All the time and effort shows. City Butcher will become one of your favorite places in Springfield.