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From helping you discover local businesses, history, community influencers, to a community calendar, charities, and political organizations, 417 Local will provide us each with the unique warmth of community.

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We know how important it is to support our local business, but no ever tells us how we are supposed to find delectable bakeries, trustworthy CPA firms, kind piano teachers, or fancy latte art.

We know that our history defines us and that a shared knowledge of that history builds community, but no one tells us where we can find that invaluable history.

We know that community events can be powerful spaces for relationship building and making new friends, but there is no resource to find the best places for our kids to find playdates or which concerts are in town our grandparents might enjoy.

We know that getting involved in local charities, non-profits, and local politics grant us with the power to create truly impactful change, but no one ever tells us how to tap into those community resources.

This lack of local information is precisely why we, as members of this shared community, need 417 Local.

Are You A Content Creator in #417?

Written by and featuring Jeff Houghton with The Mystery Hour

Directed by Evan Pollock with Pollock Pictures

Do you write? Are you a photographer? Do you make videos? Do interviews? Tell stories?

Tell a story about a 417 business, a person in 417 through images, words, or videos and we will give 100% of the content creation credit to you!

We will link to wherever you want to be linked to

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We want a TON of content about people, events, businesses and more in #417land

Right now the only option for finding local restaurants, mechanics, and artists are on large national sites

There is a large lack of local information about local events, fundraisers, giveaways, restaurants, businesses, and people.

We, at #417Local want to fill this void.

Phase 1 is building a database of local businesses in preparation for the site launch.

Do you have a local business that you would like listed for free on

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We are excited to help 417 residents and visitors to have a go-to place for everything local 

We are excited to support 417 area businesses, entrepreneurs, and content creators.

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