Down South Fried Fish Co. Food Truck: The Best Fried Fish in 417? 

 July 10, 2021

By  Carla Broderick

Down South Fried Fish Co. Food Truck

So if you know me at all, you know that I am a 417 food truck connoisseur. Friends know they can count on me to answer any request for food truck recommendations. Best taco food truck? I got you. Best pizza food truck? Yep, I know that too. Best place to satisfy your random craving for kimchi fries? Absolutely.

So how, HOW, did I miss knowing about the delicious goodness being served up in the food truck of Down South Fried Fish Co.???

In my defense, they’ve only been up and running for under a year. But that still no excuse for a self-proclaimed food truck connoisseur!

Thankfully, my troublesome knowledge gap of this gem was brought to a close when I discovered them at a local festival.

Who is Down South Fried Fish Co?

The first thing that impressed me about their food truck was the people inside it. The owners, John and Rhonda Edie, were so friendly and inviting. They simply oozed with a good mix of midwest and southern hospitality.

owners serving food

John grew up in the south. Which of course naturally led to becoming an avid fisherman and having fried fish as one of the basic food groups. Fish fries were an event not to be taken lightly.

Over the years, Rhonda and John have perfected their batter recipe and have served up their fish to thousands of friends at church and at home.

Thankfully for 417 land, they have now also decided to share that amazing fried fish with you via their food truck.

What Do They Serve?

Down South Fried Fish Co. keeps it simple so they can focus on serving you the best fried fish 417 land has to offer.

fried fish and fries

Along with their fried fish, they serve a perfectly seasoned side of fries.

They also offer dipping sauces (which although delicious, are not really needed because the taste of the fish alone is just that good) and an assortment of bottled drinks.

Where Can You Get the Goodness?

You can also normally find them:

  • Mondays at Family Center Farm and Home in Nixa
  • Tuesdays at Dollar General in Sparta
  • Thursdays at North Point Church in Nixa

Also, keep an eye out for Down South Fried Fish Co at local events.
Follow their Facebook page here to keep track of where they’ll be next.

You’re Welcome

Even if you’re “not a fish person”, it’s only because you haven’t tried this fish!

Get yourself over to Down South Fried Fish Co and be ready to experience fried fish that is beyond all other competition in 417 land.

You’ll thank me later.

Carla Broderick

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