Jordan Valley Park (Springfield.) 7 Reasons to Go Any Time of Year! 

 July 12, 2021

By  Carla Broderick

Located in downtown Springfield at 635 E Trafficway St, Jordan Valley Park one of our favorite parks in Springfield and is a great place that can be enjoyed in all seasons.


fountains at jordan valley park

Summer would be my absolutely favorite season to visit Jordan Valley Park because that is when they turn on the fountains!

The fountains invite you (yes, you. even adults can have fun in the fountains) to splash around and play at the bottom of the hill. They run in the summer every hour, on the hour for 30 minutes at a time.

Leading up to and around the fountains is a man-made beautiful stream that you can also feel free to wade in and cool off on those hot summer days.

in the water at jordan valley park

There’s also an annual Summer SnowFest that’s always a blast!

summer snowfest at jordan valley park


The scenery in the Ozarks is absolutely magnificent in the fall.

the boulder at jordan valley park in fall

You can take in some of that beauty right here at the park.

Jordan Greenway runs through Jordan Valley Park and this section of it’s trail is surrounded by gorgeous trees. When the chill of fall comes, the tree’s leaves turn lovely shades of every fall color.

When you want to enjoy a nice fall walk in the crisp air, you should definitely head over to the park.

Also with fall comes a plethora of festivals in 417 land. During those festivals, you’ll frequently find concerts being held at the park because of its natural amphitheater.


Most people don’t think of frequenting parks during the winter.

Anyone else out there get grumpy just stepping out into the frozen tundra that comes to the Ozarks?

But Jordan Valley Park is still a great place to visit in winter! As long as you’re nice and bundled up.

christmas lights at jordan valley

During the holiday season, the park puts out lighted displays for everyone to enjoy. They’re worth the cold walk and definitely a quick picture.

Jordan Valley also has been known to throw some pretty epic New Year’s Eve celebrations right at the bottom of the hill.


With 12 acres to stretch out on, this park is the perfect spot to throw down a blanket for a charming spring picnic.

natural ampitheatre at Jordan Valley

The park becomes perfectly picturesque in the spring as the park’s trees begin to bloom.

In the pleasant weather that comes with spring, take some extra time at the park to walk up the trail to the kinetic man sculpture, learn about the Springfield Wagon, or find a few of the sculptures in the park from the Sculpture Walk on Jordan Valley.

Go See for Yourself!

No matter the season, take some time to go enjoy all that there is at Jordan Valley Park at 635 E Trafficway St.

You’ll thank me later 😉

Carla Broderick

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