City Butcher, Springfield, MO 

 September 18, 2018

By  417 Local Editorial Team

Is Missouri ready for Texas barbecue?

Is Missouri ready for Texas barbecue?

Born in Texas, raised in Springfield. Springfield has its fair share of people from other parts. Pick a part of the country, I bet you know someone from there who now calls Springfield home. One great thing about this phenomenon is that we can pick and choose from some of the greatest food in the country without having to drive to another state, let alone another city.

Cody Smith, a founder of City Butcher, is on a mission to spread the good news of Texas Barbecue. He does just that one smoky, succulent bite at a time. Being close to KC, Springfield has its share of barbecue joints. But KC style barbecue is all about the sauce while Texas barbecue is all about that slow wood smoked beef.

Cody Smith a founder of City Butcher

From 11 am till “Sold Out”

City Butcher opens its doors at 11 am and famously are open until they have “sold out” of all their meats. Other bbq joints in town have suggested that City Butcher just doesn’t make enough food. So what is going on here? Is “sold out” just clever marketing or is there something special going on?

I don’t know how to run a restaurant so I don’t know if City Butcher made more meat they would stop running out. But I do know that I have never eaten at City Butcher and been alone. It is rare that I’ve eaten there and they haven’t been all-hands-on-deck busy. There is always a line. But like most people, I am very happy to wait in almost any sized line to get my share of burnt end.

From 11 am till “Sold Out”

No frills, but who needs frills anyway

Located in the Kickapoo Corners shopping center, City Butcher doesn’t need a big, fancy, stand-alone store to sell their barbecue. In fact, they don’t need anything fancy. They trust their meat to be good enough that you won’t need to be distracted by bric-a-brac.

Unfinished cement floors, simple but well made wooden benches, a few pictures on the wall. Most of the budget went toward function. There is an impressively long, ice-filled beer cooler that could comfortably hold a Fiat. The fixin’s are free at the condiment station and include chopped onions, pickles, and bread.

No bad choice

The brisket is the King of Texas barbecue, you can judge a barbecue joint based just on the brisket. City Butchers’ brisket is aromatic and moist but the best thing on the menu is the burnt ends.

Choose any of their specialty sandwiches without worrying about missing out. You will be back enough times to try everything but I recommend starting with the Sweaty Texan (brisket and hot links) or the Pig Bird (pulled pork and smoked turkey).

No bad choice

All that smokey flavor is gonna leave you thirsty and City Butcher has the perfect beer to pair with your barbecue. Due to a partnership with local brewery White River, you can pick up a beer specifically made by the good people of City Butcher. Butcher Block Phils is a traditional American lager that will quench your thirst without drowning out the barbecue taste in your mouth.

The fact that they made their own beer tells you everything you need to know about City Butcher. Quality first, they think about the experience of the meal and leave nothing to chance. All the time and effort shows. City Butcher will become one of your favorite places in Springfield.

417 Local Editorial Team

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