Float Trips on James River with 37 North Expedition and JRBP in Springfield, MO 

 March 22, 2021

By  Carla Broderick

One of the best ways to explore 417 is floating along on the James River.

This 130 mile river was a key factor in the early exploration and settlement in the Ozarks.  It forms Lake Springfield and provides drinking water for the city of Springfield.

But most importantly, it’s super fun to float on

Ok… maybe not most importantly.  I mean, it’s super important to supply water to a whole city. But the fun floating aspect is still high up on the list of its value. 

That’s why James River Basin Partnership teamed up with 37 North Expeditions to create the James River Float Series. 

Here are the deets on all the awesomeness that awaits you:

The When

The float series will be one Saturday a month from April through October

April 10: Crighton to Southwood Access

May 15: Tailwaters to Rivercut Golf Course

June 19: Rivercut to Delaware Town Access

July 17: Delaware Town to Shelvin Rock Access

August 21: Shelvin Rock to Hooten Town Access

September 25-26: Hooten Town to H.L. Kerr Access (Overnight)

October 16th: H.L. Kerr to Galena

The What

Each float trip will not only be filled with fun on the river and the chance to meet new friends, but also some interesting education about floating the James River. 

Depending on which float you choose (and I suggest you choose all of them), there will be a unique focus on topics like floating etiquette, safely navigating rivers, creatures living in the James, the history of James River, and more.  

That’s right.  Fun and Educating!

The Where:

You will start each trip by meeting up with your fellow floaters at Springfield Brewing Company

From there, 37 North Expeditions will shuttle you to the James River starting point for that week. 

If you go to each trip of the series (dooooo it!) you will be able to cover an impressive amount of James River.

And don’t worry.  Once you’re done with your adventure on the river, they’ll shuttle you back to your car. 

Get Out There

There’s so much to explore in our beautiful 417 land.  The magnificent rivers are part of what makes our area so alluring.  

What better way to explore one of those rivers than by joining in on this James River Float Series.  

Go sign up here.  

See you on the river!!

Carla Broderick

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