Pizza House | Springfield MO’s Best Thin Crust Pizza for Decades 

 March 23, 2021

By  Carla Broderick

I have a question for you.

Why are more people in Springfield not talking about the Pizza House on Commercial???

This place does not get the attention it deserves!

When the Moon Hits Your Eye

Their pizza pie really is amore.  

They’ve been perfecting their craft for over 60 years

One of the things that sets their delicious circles of goodness apart from other local pizza joints is their hand rolled thin crust that makes all of their pizzas.  

Now hear me out you deep dish lovers.  I too was once a thick crust loyalist.  But one fine day, I hesitantly decided to give Pizza House’s thin crust pizza a try and I’ve never looked back.  There’s obviously some sort of magic in their crust that makes it absolutely delectable, even though it’s thin crust. 

Stop On In

Pizza House is set up in a brick building at 312 E Commercial St.  

That area of town is absolutely adorable.  Right across the street, you’ll spot the historic footbridge and on Saturdays and Thursdays you’ll also catch C-Street Farmer’s Market in action. 

When you step inside Pizza House, you’ll see a setup that is exactly as you would expect to see in a restaurant opened in 1958.  You’ll spot plenty of vintage signs, chairs covered in shiny teal, and even a jukebox in the corner.  

The staff greets you like an old friend whether it’s your first time there or you’ve been going since it opened in the 50s.

Make sure you have some time free when you visit.  Because even if you just run in to grab a carry out order, you’ll be so drawn in to the warm atmosphere that you’ll want to stop and stay awhile.  

My Recommendation

Pizza House offers all the standard toppings

I’ve tried quite a few combinations of their pizza offerings and have never been disappointed. 

Honestly, everyone has their own preference of toppings.  Even if some of those preferences are very, very wrong (I’m looking at you pineapple pizza people). So just order whatever inspires you and I’m sure you’ll be absolutely satisfied.  

My biggest recommendation is simply to get on over to Commercial Street and get some of their pizza in your pie hole asap.   

Carla Broderick

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