Outdoor Fun in 417 Land | Marble Hunting – An Unexpected Discovery 

 April 11, 2021

By  Carla Broderick

It was a beautiful day out, so my little family and I decided to walk the Galloway Creek Greenway. As should you! But that’s a whole nother post. 

Anyway, as we were enjoying the trail we struck up a conversation with some friendly passersby that asked if we were out hunting marbles

Say what? 

Apparently, marble hunting is a thing in 417 land!

So, I got some info from the kind stranger and started investigating so I could share my newfound knowledge with you! 

You’re welcome! 

The Basics

marble hunting springfield mo outdoors

So what is marble hunting? 

Exactly what it sounds like. 

You go out into the great outdoors and start searching for little glass spheres of joy

But you don’t have to just go randomly searching. 

You simply join a local marble hunting group on Facebook like Ozarks Marble Hunters to get started. 

Members of the group hide marbles and then leave clues on the Facebook page. Follow the clues to find the marbles. 

Not Your Average Marble

One of my favorite discoveries to this marble hunting phenomenon is that a large number of marbles that are hidden are hand-made by the hider! 

That’s right, talented glass blowers of 417 land love getting involved in hiding their work for you to adventure out and find. 

Real live treasure hunting!! 

Fun fact: One of the friendly strangers on the trail that told me about marble hunting is actually the mother of one of the amazing glass artists that create marbles for locals to hunt. 

Shout out to Wagner Art Glass’ mom!

That’s right, I know famous people now. 

Get Out There


There are so many benefits to joining the local marble hunting fun

Marble hunting is an activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Grab your friends and family and get out there! 

What better way to enjoy all the beauty the outdoors of 417 has to offer? It’s a great excuse to get everyone outside and explore new places. 

Expand your creativity and involvement. Once you get the hang of hunting, why not try your hand at hiding some marbles for others to find. 

Good luck, and have fun!! 


Carla Broderick

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